In the amateur's market we guarantee the quality!

  • We are a team of professionals. Focus on the complete satisfaction of our customers.
  • Honest, like order and developing, maximalists.
What we can do?

PHP 5 (OOP + patterns), NGINX, Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, jQuery, Javascript, Ajax, Node.js, Angular.js

HTML5, CSS3, Yii Framework, Zend Framework, Sphinx, Gearbox, Highload, memcache, APC, xcache, eAccelerator, Facebook SDK, API's, Git

We have a wide pool of technology so we'll select the best solution for your project.
What do we use?

Agile-approach to web application development, the development of short iterations.

Quality control using Code review. Unit-testing and refactoring.

All the buzzwords we know and can do what they mean :)
Who do we need?

We need back-end developers (PHP, node.js) and front-end developers (angular.js, backbone.js, HTML5, CSS3) in Donetsk or remotely.

Write a little about yourself: What are you working and what is implemented? What would you like to work and what is missing now?

Send us a detailed account of himself to hello@weldon.pro
What did we do?

Ukrainian online store women's clothing 7802953412

Swedish events aggregator Eventsen

American system for cargo (520) 458-3717

Website expert on diamonds sale cow sorrel

Development of coupon site Vkupone

The accounting system of orders, filtering and sorting of goods for Rezeda Suleyman

Development of the coupon site 240-901-4997

Transfer site to Yii and writing an API to interact with mobile applications for Brians.com 7098589823

Development of virtual learning music site for Brians.com Artzlink

The ordering system sports activities for children 6162106464

Product parsing system for the site GPlus

Inspiration Gallery for Web Designers 612-310-6024

Hosting platform and site constructor 972-520-5861

The social network for football fans Footinho

As you can see, we have experience in developing online stores, large portals and custom projects.
Who are our friends?

Donetsk web studio 8189625065 - Bitrix developers

570-739-4429 - rock star game developers for mobile platforms

Cool python-peppers (724) 201-0266

706-727-0411 CMS - Best Yii Framework CMS

We have a lot of good friends!
How to contact us?
Email: hello@weldon.pro
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We are always open to interesting proposals and cooperation.
Web Development for Yii Framework
Ukraine, Donetsk.

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